I saw my hematologist about iron infusions, because 2 of my other doctors suggested that I would benefit from them since I have such severe fatigue and lack of iron in my diet. The malnutrition is really taking a toll, I can’t walk around much. I’ve accepted having to be pushed around in a wheelchair when out in public, unless I’m having an exceptionally good day. Anyways, I hadn’t seen this doctor in a while and she was alarmed when she walked in the room and saw me, because of the weight loss and the fact that I’m pale with a grayish tone to my face lol. She really thinks I would benefit from going to Mayo Clinic since Cleveland Clinic isn’t doing much to get to the bottom of things. However, Mayo Clinic is not really in the realm of possibility right now for financial reasons. There’s no way we could afford a flight and hotel, plus meals, etc. I’ve also heard it’s really hard to get in for an appointment. I’m still going to look into it though, do a little research and see how much it would cost. My doctor today also thinks I would benefit from iron infusions, but the insurance has to approve it and my insurance company hates me (for real, I think they’re plotting against me haha I’ve had so many problems with them). She said it would either be a 3 or 4 week treatment (once a week), OR it could be spread out over 10 weeks do decrease the side effects. I’m really sensitive to any kind of medication or supplement going into my body so I think I would do the 10 week treatment. However, it has to be done in the infusion center, I can’t have them done at home, which REALLY sucks since I JUST started getting my regular infusions at home. The iron has to be done in the hospital to monitor for adverse reactions. They do normally give Benadryl beforehand to try and reduce some of the side effects so at least there’s that. I might give a full dose a try, and if it doesn’t go well, then start doing the reduced amounts over a longer period of time. Let’s hope the insurance approves this, we’re really hopeful that it will help me. Stay tuned for more updates. I have lots of things I want to talk about, the list just keeps on growing!

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My GoFundMe – trying to raise money for a service dog, and for medical necessities!

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