Hey everyone. I know that I’m not the only one struggling with finances but I am in a complete panic because of medication costs and bills and all that stuff. I’m waiting to hear about SSI and also food assistance, but those types of things can take a long time. I’m still working towards getting a service dog. I need one right now especially and I so wish that I had one. I would so appreciate it if you would even just share my story. I’m all about awareness. So many people have never heard of autonomic nervous system dysfunction (dysautonomia), and it’s VERY common, it’s just rarely heard of. I desperately wish that I could work. I love love love feeling like I’m accomplishing something. We are working towards getting me to the point where I can work at least part time and hopefully go to grad school in the next year. Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling. You’re all awesome ❤


❤ Gina


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