I am SO sorry for my lack of posts! Things have been… insane, let’s just put it that way. Too many things to handle, and when you lack coping skills, that’s a recipe for disaster. I will update more when it’s not 4:24am. Yeah I’ve been having terrible insomnia every night despite taking Ambien. Go figure!!

I hope everyone’s doing well.

❤ Gina

P.S. I’m including the link for my GoFundMe because I’m struggling. I really need to raise enough money to get Arthur trained, as my health is declining and it’s too hard for me to do all the training myself like I planned. Share if you can… anything helps https://www.gofundme.com/ginasmedicalfunds 


Here’s a (lengthy) video update if you have 50-some minutes of your day to spare lol


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